A Pack of Compliments


Product Description

This package gets you 10 Compliment Cards and a sleeve to carry them in.

  • Nice shoes.
  • You have a great smile.
  • You’re really pretty.
  • You’re handsome.
  • That hat looks good on you.
  • You have great style.
  • Those glasses look great on you.
  • Your hairstyle is great.
  • You look great today.
  • I really like your shirt.

Do with them what you wish, but we recommend giving them to strangers, old friends, new friends, people you meet along the way of life that deserve a compliment.

There more you give out, the more effect you will have on those around you, yourself included.

If you talk to your recipients, be sure to tell them to go to the Received a Compliment page so they can tell their story and be a part of our Compliments Everywhere project. That’s our humble attempt to measure and learn about the stories, the location and the effect of all these compliments being given out by you.


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